It’s still the slow season for many of us and there is no activity more tedious yet almost zen-like than smushing cream products into smaller containers!!  Cream products are the number one product you’ll want to depot.  Today, let’s talk about all of the ways you can get that done!!

We’ve already talked about how carrying small amounts of products is a safer practice than carrying the whole lot of it.  Today, let’s talk about weight.  Like … lots of weight.  All of that plastic packaging adds up and the next thing you know, your kit weighs 133lbs!!  Also, it takes you FOREVER to get a face done because you have to flip over 32 lipsticks to see what the color is because they’re all in the same tube!  

Me, trying to get my super heavy over-stuffed kit up a client’s stairs in 2010.  Jk.  But am I?

Depotting not only lightens your kit, but it can definitely increase your speed!  

Here are some ideas for cream products:

Empty MUFE Flash Palette cases are an option for things like firm cream foundations, concealers, and lipsticks.  There are drawbacks, though.  These cases tend to crack easily and after some time, they don’t want to stay closed.
MUJI has these great connectable pill cases offer tons of flexibility for artists who need to take product to set.  These are great for cream blushes, lipsticks, concealers, and foundations.
MUJI standard pill cases have customizable wells and are pretty sturdy.  
Qosmedix Dramming Bottles are an interesting option for gooey creams like Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream — something you’d only need to carry a small amount of OR something you might leave as a sample with a client. 
You can also depot creams into small pans like this!  Honestly, how much of the color wheel do you really need to carry at one time?  This is the perfect solution!  

These are great individual options, but if you want to get super serious about condensing your kit, you need to check out Vueset palettes.  These happy little acrylic palettes allow you to condense up to 24 products into a palette roughly the size of your hand! Those of us with extra OCD can also lose our minds with a labeler!!

This is the best way to get lipsticks into a Vueset.  Don’t try to make it pretty — definitely don’t melt them (it’ll change the texture), just get slice off the bullet and squish it in there!
Sophia Porter is the OG of the Vueset foundation swirl!!

Some notes of caution:  sometimes, people get a little “Vueset-crazy” and start depotting things that have no business being “paletted” (it’s a word because I say it’s a word — “palletized” was taken).   These palettes are best for firm creams that won’t slowly ooze their way into other wells or fraternizing with their neighboring shades when stored on their sides.  Loose powders are another product I don’t really trust in a Vueset due to the opportunity for comingling and shenanigans.  Waterproof products, while tempting, should definitely not be in a Vueset.  I know, I know, MAC Paint Pots are heavy and bulky and they make your soul cry but DON’T DO IT!!  You’ll be sad when they dry out.  Very sad.

Sooo risky.  So much anxiety!


Stay tuned for more kit condensing tips and tricks!  What are your favorite kit condensing products?

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