Spooky Ways To Spice Up Halloween Makeup For Yourself Or Your Clients

It’s October, which means every day forward is a day closer to one of America’s favorite holidays: Halloween. Dressing up for Halloween is not exclusive to children and young adults, it’s a holiday that can be celebrated across all generations. When it comes to realistic costumes for adults, a lot of costumes include makeup, especially special effects makeup. Whether you are a completing a look for yourself or a client, the following tricks can help any makeup look more realistic and very, very spooky.


1. Add strawberry jam to fake blood mixture to create thicker, more realistic-looking blood.

Fake blood, especially realistic-looking fake blood, can help transform any costume from amateur status to professional status. Strawberry jam not only provides a nice consistency, but also a lifelike color.


                                                             Credit: charlotteslivelykitchen.com

2. Use red and purple threads to create the illusion of creepy crawly veins.

Although our veins may appear blue through our skin, a real open wound would contain red and purple veins. This may seem like a small detail, however, any detail, no matter how small, can affect how authentic a costume or disguise appears.

burgundy thread                                                                            Credit: Superior Threads
3. Keep layers thin.

Thick layers of makeup or face paint will flake and leave yourself or your client with patchy makeup towards the end of the night. Instead, apply thin layers and build coverage with multiple layers as needed.


4. When creating zombie-esque wounds, use eyelash glue and cotton balls or tissue paper as skin.

Eyelash glue is a great adhesive that is safe to use on the skin. When pulled apart, cotton balls or tissue mimic the look of broken or burnt skin. To finish off the wound, apply a portion of the strawberry jam/fake blood mixture onto the surrounding edges of the wound, as well as, inside of the wound.

cotton ball woundhalloween

                                                                             Credit: Holidappy.com

5. Cover every visible part of the body.

Be sure to spread the makeup to the neck, hands, and any other part of the body that will be visible once the costume is worn. You wouldn’t see a zombie with a green and scabbed up face but a perfectly normal neck and perfectly normal hands. Not only will this act as a consistent costume measure, but it creates a more authentic-looking costume. 


So, whether you choose to be Harley Quinn or IT this Halloween, these tips will help you perfect the part. Have a very safe and happy Halloween!


If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment!

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