Starting Your Career In Makeup Artistry: What You Need To Know

First and foremost, before any step in your career in makeup artistry, you need to have the proper skills and education in order to market yourself as a qualified makeup artist.

A Formal Education: Makeup School 

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Go to makeup school! But first, do your research, make sure the makeup school you are choosing is one that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to be a well rounded professional makeup artist. Because, in the real world clients and future bosses look for a variety of skill sets. As a makeup artist you want to have the knowledge to tackle a beauty look one day and maybe a special effects look the other. That wide range of skills will only make you more sought after in the makeup industry. 

Therefore, choosing a makeup school is so important when starting a career in makeup artistry. Maybe you already went to school but only know a select amount of makeup skills? That’s okay! At Multimedia Makeup Academy we have a variety of programs that will make sure you are skilled in exactly what you want. The Master Program will leave you knowing everything you need to know to prepare you for a future in makeup. 

Selecting a school that will support you even after graduation is a bonus. Did you know that Multimedia Makeup Academy supports it’s Alumni for life? That’s right for life. Your future is something the staff and instructors at MMA care deeply about. They hope you come back to utilize some of the resources provided even after graduation. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

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There is a saying that practice makes perfect, and when it comes to makeup artistry, it is definitely true.  Makeup artistry is a very rapidly changing industry, so practicing will never end. Even years later chances are you will still be practicing your talents while learning and adapting to new ones! 

When you stop doing something for a certain amount of time you may lose your edge. Same as with anything art related. Keeping up with your art is important. Making sure you are always practicing. Because the more you practice and familiarize yourself with it, the better you will be. 

Professionals have something in common when giving advice. They all make mention, hands on experience is crucial! So whether you’re getting it at makeup school or working part time at a beauty store. Hands on experience is needed when practicing to become a master of makeup artistry! 

Market Yourself: Your Social Image 

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Are you an aspiring artist looking to make a huge impact but shy when it comes to social media? Or hate the idea of having to use social media? For some people believe it or not this is a thing! Trust the professionals at MMA who have made HUGE success in the makeup industry when they say marketing yourself and your portfolio is CRUCIAL! This industry is so big, that standing out is not easy. However, it is possible. 

Start asap with all your social accounts dedicated to your awesome makeup looks and techniques. Gain a following, interact with viewers, and stay relevant and up to date with everything TRENDING. Take this advice very seriously and it will help you market yourself to a huge audience. The hardest part is starting. 

Create a name for yourself, a hashtag & take any client or any model willing to let you practice! Then blast the final look out to your following and use it to gain more followers. All this hard work will pay off in helping you find a career. All while creating an online portfolio. ; )

Research & Follow The Best In The Industry On A Routine Basis: 

Makeup Artistry is a large industry. That being said, there are so many influencers to follow and find inspiration! Take advantage of this and do your research. 

Figure out your style of makeup & follow the role models who portray it. Learn from their success. See how their social channels are set up, pay attention to how often they are posting, what they are posting & which posts get the most interaction. 

Find a Mentor

Find someone who will hold you accountable for staying on track. Someone who will think of you when big opportunities come around. If you attended a makeup school, you will usually find that mentor in one of your instructors. If it is anything like MMA, all our instructors act as mentors in supporting & looking for the best opportunities for their students. 

MMA instructors can help with internships & MORE! Actually a requirement of our instructors is to be active in the makeup industry, opportunities often arise, and they always consider their students first! Sometimes even the instructors will seek students for an internship. MMA staff and instructors all have something in common; the determination to help our makeup students succeed! 

Love Your Job 

Lastly, and most importantly love your job! Go to work with a positive attitude! Positive energy is contagious and your clients will feel it and come back, not only for the awesome makeup, but for the overall experience you provided. 

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