Step 1 In Becoming A Professional Makeup Artist.

The Core Program

Do what you love & love what you do. These are words to live by! If you love makeup and are just getting started on your artistic journey through the makeup industry then the Core program is a great way to get started. Every makeup artist has to start somewhere, let us start with the fundamentals! The first course included in this program is Makeup Essentials. This will start out of the convenience of your own home through interactive online courses. Equipping every student with the fundamentals of artistry. Therefore, this course will provide professional feedback to prepare each student for their first day on campus. 

The excitement continues with our on-campus Airbrush course. This is where every student will learn the art of applying makeup without the use of brushes. In addition, you will learn; Equipment knowledge, product knowledge, airbrush techniques, foundation matching, color correction, highlight & contour, full application & airbrush maintenance. 

Completed beauty makeup application from Multimedia Makeup Academy student.
Student work by Brooklyn Calvin.

Advanced Artistry & Comprehensive Beauty

Advanced Artistry is next on the list. That’s right, advanced! No need to worry, our awesome instructors are always eager to help in any way they can. This course will take your skills to the next level with advanced training by our highly reputable professionals. Meanwhile, digging deeper into each technique while being supplied all the tools needed to do so. Also, remember to allow your creativity to flourish & remember to have fun every step of the way. 

Time to take what you learned and bring it to the table…or should we say to the face. Next up is our Comprehensive Beauty course. Where you will incorporate all your skills through demonstration and practical learning. The Comprehensive Course will challenge you to improve speed, ease of application & creative ability, while effectively executing these looks in an ergonomic environment. 

Student applying beauty makeup at Multimeida Makeup Academy.
Student Keri Somers in action.

Ready For Business?

Every business professional needs a strategic plan to get their career to launch. Multimedia Makeup Academy offers that too! Included in our Core program is our Business 1 course to better prepare you for the successful career you want. This course provides students with a business startup plan. Furthermore, establishing your brand, website, mission, vision, marketing strategies and setting goals will all be taught to you through this course. 

In conclusion, the Core program focusses on assisting you as an aspiring makeup artist to become a successful professional in the field with a plan of action that will lead to a rewarding career. Giving you the opportunity to leave the Academy feeling confident and eager to embark on your new adventure. 

Stay tuned for next week to learn about our extra certifications. Can’t wait till next week? Click here to receive more information about the academy now!

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