The 4 Celebrity Makeup Artists Leading the Way into 2020

Mario Dedivanovic

Photo Nov 26, 2 30 55 PM

Possibly the most influential makeup artist in current pop culture, Mario Dedivanovic is an
infamous name in the makeup industry, but that wasn’t always so.

The son of Albanian immigrants, Dedivanovic grew up in the Bronx of New York. He began his career as an employee at Sephora, rose the ranks, and built himself a name alongside Kim Kardashian.

He can also be credited with exposing the masses to highlight and contour, and the popularization that came from it. His signature makeup look is golden skin and a nude lip, which he often teaches in his program, the Master Class.

Lisa Eldridge

Photo Nov 26, 2 31 12 PM

Born in Liverpool, England, Eldridge had an interest in makeup from an early age. She launched into a professional career after being hired by Elle Magazine to apply makeup to Cindy Crawford.

She then began involving herself in the corporate ends if makeup, re-branding Shiseido and moving on to be an executive of Lancome. She is also an online educator and runs a YouTube Channel, in which she includes a variety of guest celebrity artists. She is known for clean, high end looks and “controlled” editorial work.

Patrick Ta

Photo Nov 26, 2 31 48 PM

One of the “it” artists of our time, Ta is an example of how a makeup artist can a build a career
from zero to ten, with the help of networking and social media. Ta explains how he moved to LA to pursue his career and worked alongside big names so he could have connections and
eventually get a big break.

He was an Instagram fanatic and explained the importance of taking photos as often as possible in his early career In fact, his first celebrity clients booked him though Instagram DMs.

At first, he explains his style was very heavy and full coverage but he toned it down as he went on to separate himself from others.

Priscilla Ono

Photo Nov 26, 2 32 34 PM

The head makeup artist of Fenty Beauty, Ono explains how her grandmother inspired her to
work extra hard because of the prejudice she’d face as a female Latina. She grew up in LA with
her grandparents, both of whom were first generation Mexican immigrants.

Ono certainly has worked hard and specifies how important it was to keep herself beat to the gods, so she was her own walking advertisement. She also states that her uniqueness was a way to set herself apart from other artists.

She started small like many other artists. She began her career at Sephora and had her first big opportunity on a music video her husband was shooting. From there, she went on to be a Fenty Beauty global artist in 2017.

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