The Art Of Makeup In The World of Film

Special FX Program

Remember those movies that gave you goosebumps? The ones that had you peeking through your fingers to see what was happening? Or sitting so close to the edge of your seat you might fall off? The film industry provides us with these mixed sensations when we watch a thriller, suspense or even a love story at times. What makes these movies so impactful to our senses is the realism! What makes this possible is the artistry of makeup in film. Bringing us to our fifth course offered at Multimedia Makeup Academy, the Special FX Program. This allows the characters & the story to come to life in the film industry!

If you are interested in taking your talents to the film industry, this course will make sure you are more than ready. This course will provide you with the skills to life cast, sculpt and produce prosthetics varying from hiding mechanisms for trauma to characters & fantasy creatures. 

Intro to Special FX

The Special FX Program includes nine courses! Starting with the Intro to FX where the main focus is on realistic trauma while learning the best techniques for 3D transfers & silicone/slab mold making. The second course is FX Airbrush, this is a critical skill to learn focusing on airbrush training where you will learn how to execute fantasy & character airbrush applications. Additional teachings include; dual action techniques, layer colors, add textures to the human form as well as how to airbrush appliances. 

Safety comes first!

The third course is Life Casting, where ensuring talent safety is taught along with material knowledge, prepping your area & model. Here you will learn how to safely cast with alginate and refine the life cast upon completion. While learning your skills and becoming the best is huge, it’s also crucial to know how to grow your business through establishing rapport in networking environments in order to book work. Which brings us to the fourth course is Business IV. Become knowledgeable of film set etiquette, budgeting & script breakdowns in order to secure work as a makeup fx artist. 

The fifth course is Sculpting. Covering all the basics of sculpting prosthetic appliances: tool knowledge, how to source proper inspiration & how to alter facial anatomy in order to create believable creatures. The sixth course is Character Makeup, where you obtain the skills needed to create multi piece molds, casting, application and coloring of the silicone appliances.This course will make sure you’re ready for what is expected in the industry. 

Sculpting, Prosthetics & More!

Say Cheese! It’s time for some next level smiles as we dive into our seventh course Prosthetic Teeth. Here you will learn how to use acrylics & silicone, allowing you to meet any demands in the industry. Including learning two different techniques for prosthetic teeth, this will be the final touch taking your creations to the next level. The eighth course will take the skills of concept and design further. This course is Core Mold Making where you will learn how to create a 3-piece mold with ultracal and injecting casting material into the mold. Producing pieces to enhance projects such as ear prosthetics or character props. 

You know when you watch a scary movie and you have nightmares for days? It’s probably because the monster, creature or villain looked so realistic! Even though it’s not real, that’s the art of makeup in film. Which leads us to our ninth & final course Creature Makeup, where the creatures come to life! This is the cumulation of the FX program. This is where you will be learning how to apply latex appliances combined with blending techniques, ensuring the creature reads realistic. 

Stay tuned for next week, you won’t want to miss it! It’s our Masters Program. This program is for aspiring artists who show interest in acquiring a career in the beauty, fashion/commercial and/or film industries. Want to learn more about our Masters Program right now? Click here more information. 

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