The Best of Lindsay Skowronek: Halloween Makeup Looks


Multimedia Makeup Academy is proud to feature a current student’s 31 days of Halloween makeup edition. Get a peek at 5 of the most spooky, detailed, and killer Halloween makeup looks for 2021. Lindsay Skowronek is a Special Effects student at Multimedia Makeup Academy. Lindsay shared with us her best practices used in creating these 5 looks. 

Message From The Artist

With every look I do, I always stick to my “tried and true” products. This year for Halloween I am taking part in the Mehron Makeup Contest, meaning I need to use at least one Mehron Makeup product with every look I submit. It is no surprise I use their Paradise Paint Palette in “Basic” with almost every single makeup I do! It consists of 8 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, White, and Black. Once I get my painting down, I start going in with highlights and shadows; for this I use two things: 1. The Makeup Revolution x Alexis Stone Instinct Palette, and the SugarPill Pressed Eyeshadow in the shade “Tako.” I love the Instinct Palette for its grey tones (don’t even bother looking at mine since almost nothing is left). 

They blend well on top of the water paints and help give dimension to whatever look I’m painting whether it’s faces or clothes! Once the shadows are set, I go in with the white “Tako” eyeshadow and really help define the edges making them pop! If you want any sort of realism in your looks, highlighting and shadows are key. Now depending on the look and colors needed, I may dip into a few other palettes or whip out an eyeliner or two, but overall, with these few items you can create anything you want!” 

So, without further ado here are Lindsay’s top 5 (so far) 31 days of Halloween makeup edition looks! 

Halloween Makeup #1: Sam

This first makeup look is a recreation of a fictional character “Sam,” featured in a spooky film called Trick or Treat. Lindsay went above and beyond right from the start. From the detail of her fingernails to the clothing, (all created using makeup) Lindsay displays a creative edge with strong attention to detail. 

Halloween Makeup #2: Joker

Imagine walking into the Halloween party looking like this! All eyes would be on you. Lindsay’s second Halloween makeup look is the Joker. Are introductions really needed? We’re sure everyone knows this character well. From the blood splattered on the face to the snazzy signature Joker outfit, this look is in fact an art piece. 

Halloween Makeup #3: Wybie 

From the film Coraline, comes this next Halloween Makeup. The character Wybie, who plays a geeky, anxious eleven-year-old. As if having buttons for eyes weren’t scary enough. Lindsay exaggerated the mouth to be truly frightful. It adds a significant focal point of attraction to this Halloween makeup look.

Halloween Makeup #4: Jack Skellington

The infamous Jack Skellington is Lindsay’s 4th look. This is a fictional character from the popular Halloween film Nightmare Before Christmas. Can you even believe that this is an actual person? It’s very hard to imagine. Lindsay did a great job making this look like an actual cartoon skeleton. Imagine walking around on Halloween night with this costume? You would be the talk of the neighborhood. 

Halloween Makeup #5: Caroline 

Now for the 5th look: the main character of the animated film Coraline, being no other than Coraline herself! This is an uncanny resemblance. The special effects that were used for this look to create the stuffing coming out of her face add an extra fear factor to the character. Look closer, the detail is excellent. 

There you have it! 5 killer Halloween makeup looks! The best part is, she’s not done! Be sure to follow our student Lindsay Skowronek on Instagram to keep track of her 31 Halloween makeup looks. We are excited to see what she creates next. 

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