The DIY Mentality

Makeup can be a tough career if you’re not ready for it. And when I say tough, I’m not referring to all of the usual meanings such as competition, hard work or long hours.  These aren’t things that make a career tough. These are the things that separate a career from a job.  What can make makeup a tough career is failing to seize and embrace the “Do It Yourself” Mentality.

The vast majority of artists in this industry are, or at some point or will be, freelance professionals.  There is no boss assigning you to your next project, no one telling you what your next portfolio piece should be, and no one networking on your behalf.  It falls entirely on you to push yourself. The early realization of this IS what separates the artists who are going to have a great time and enjoy success from those who are going to struggle and let this turn into a hobby.


“A key aspect that is often overlooked by working makeup artists is the control over how your work is presented.”


A key aspect that is often overlooked by working makeup artists is the control over how your work is presented.  We work in an industry that’s visual, and this means pictures – lots of them.  Whether it is for social media, websites, business cards or portfolios, you’ll need images that capture the heights of what you can produce.  This could be paid for with a combination of photographers, graphic designers and marketing specialists who don’t fully understand what you’re trying to express with your work and branding, or you could learn to do it yourself.

In the spirit of this, we’ve added a photography course. This could be one of the most valuable program you could take following your makeup training. You will learn everything you need to know about how to photograph, correct and graphically market your images for an array of industries. This program will improve your ability to sell your work as a makeup artist while providing you with the skills you need to supplement your income and complement your makeup career.

This career is fast paced and ever changing.  Don’t limit yourself to a single skill set, and don’t avoid the digital and technological end of things as they become further symbiotic each year.  Check out photography course at:, and take your first steps towards a truly independent career.


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