Top 10 Scariest Halloween Costumes of ALL TIME!

It’s Halloween!!! Hopefully your day is filled with a little bit of the spooktacular! In honor of the BEST DAY of the year (my opinion only), I thought I would share with you a little history. This blog post is NOT about the history of Halloween but rather, the top ten SCARIEST costumes in Halloween history (according to yours truly)!!! If you need a refresher on the origins of Halloween, you can click HERE. Otherwise on with the post!!! 


The following images are in no particular order! Keep reading if you are brave…

1. Scary “Hansel and Gretel” masks, 1940s

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure what is going on here. How could these masks (paired with the costumes) be anything other than the classic brother and sister duo. I don’t know which is scarier.. Hansel- who’s mask is facing the camera or Gretel- who has her mask off center for a vacant, far away expression. The way that these are painted really makes you wonder what is going on in the minds of the parents who let these children dress up like this! 


2. Scary Unicorn Goat Dad, Late 70s- Early 80s
Is it a unicorn? Is is a goat? Is it awake or is it sleeping? Does it do the Devil’s bidding? Most importantly… WHY IS THAT BABY SMILING?!?!?! 


3. Alien Invaders, London 1950s
I’m fairly certain that one of those trick-or-treaters is actually a bat…. a bat with soulless eyes. It’s the over-sized alien head that is terrifying. What small child has the strength to hold that mask on its head without falling over? Unless, it’s actually an alien masquerading as an alien… too meta?


4. Tryponoid AKA Trypophobia Demon, 2016
Just about everyone and their mother has experienced trypophobia at least once in their lifetime. Artist Kataklyzma takes that fear and cranks it up a notch with this makeup by adding a demonic aspect to it. I would not be pleased to run into this creature in a dark alley!!!


5. Ghostly Trick-Or-Treaters, 1925
There is a lot I could say about the costumes in this photo but the most horrifying element is the DIY mask made from what I presume is either a flour or potato sack. The design (most likely unintentional) ends up reading as much more sinister than a simple ghost. Is the child on the ground throwing out a peace sign, rubbing his eye, or putting a hex on the photographer? No one will ever know. 


6. Parade Costume, Manila 2014
I don’t think I need to explain why this is terrifying. Is it a gremlin? A demon? A charred human? WHERE IS THIS THING’S NOSE? 


7. Plastic Costumes, 1980s
Here we have pictured the title character from Rose Petal Place (you have to be an 80s kid to know who this is). I swear Rose Petal is a cute but the plastic masks from the 80’s make every kids character look like a deranged killer. Speaking of deranged, take a look at the clown in the background of the photo! Is that a knife in his hand?!!?!?!


8. Murder Gnomes, Date Unknown
I have no evidence that the creators of these costumes called themselves murder gnomes BUT in my mind that is what they are! Well… one may be a donkey (look at the photo carefully). The masks are paper mache but they look like they were crafted by Ed Gein


9. DIY Pennywise, 2017
If you haven’t heard of Pennywise from the movie IT, you must live under a rock. This DIY version of the 2017 Pennywise is executed well and EXTRA spooky because it is on a child. Credit to Kimberly F who turned her lovely child into this creature! 


10. Mobster Clown, 1930s
I’m not sure that this costume would be half as scary if the subject in the photo hadn’t been snapped while in motion. I can only speculate if that is a baseball or cricket bat in the skeleton’s hand. Either way, Mr. Bones here looks like he is getting ready to use it on someone! The hat just means that he has manners folks. 


Well there you have it! Do you agree with my list? Post in the comments if you have an example of a SCARY costume! 

Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

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