4 Hairstyles for Brides You Won’t Want To Miss

It’s every bride’s dream to look perfect on their wedding day. The perfect dress, the perfect decorations, the perfect makeup, and of course, the perfect hair. With so much stress that goes into wedding planning, it’s a little weight off a bride’s shoulders to have their dress, makeup, and hair all planned well in advance. Although there are so many different ways to style hair for a wedding, there are four basic and popular hairstyles brides tend to choose for their versatility and ease. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what these hairstyles for brides are, how you can make them unique to you, and what kind of wedding dress works well with these classic and elegant hairstyles.

Classic Chignon

The first hairstyle that many brides choose for their wedding day is a classic chignon. Chignon is the French word for bun, but it isn’t the same hairstyle as a bun. While buns can take on many different styles all over the head. Chignons are a single bun that is low on the head, around the nape of the neck. They’re considered to be a more formal hairstyle, which is why it works so well for brides.

Chignons aren’t always built and tied by wrapping hair around itself, like a bun. Often, they’re created by twisting or tying hair into ornaments, such as flowers or tiaras. Many brides like to incorporate hair ornaments into their hair as part of their wedding look, and chignons are a great hairstyle for that. A chignon hairstyle also works well for many different hair types, whether you have super straight hair or thick curly hair.

Since a chignon hairstyle pulls hair back and low, it usually pairs well with a wedding dress that has a higher neckline. Many wedding dresses have lace patterns or bedazzled bodices and necklines that brides like to show off. In this case, a hairstyle like a chignon allows focus to be more on the dress than the hair.

Simple Ponytail

You might be thinking, “Wait, a ponytail for a bridal hairstyle?!” Yes! It may seem casual and simple, but a lot of brides might want that for their hair. Ponytails can be elegant, too; they don’t always have to be quick and messy, like a workout ponytail. Plus, there are so many different ways to make a ponytail: chic, simple, full, low. Like with a chignon hairstyle, ponytails can also be glammed up with flowers, ribbons, or other sparkly hair ornaments.

Additionally, since a ponytail pulls hair back, attention is focused a lot more on the face of the bride. A simple ponytail can be less distracting for those around if a bride wants to highlight her dress or makeup more than her hair. Ponytails are also super flexible when it comes to different hair types. Just about every hair type can be pulled back into a ponytail, making it a great hairstyle for brides.

Half Up, Half Down

Okay, so what if you don’t want all your hair pulled back like with a chignon or ponytail? A half up, half down kind of hairstyles are a classic bridal look that can be designed and styled in many different ways. A common way to achieve this look is to pull back hair from the front and top of the head. Many brides choose to curl their hair for this look since it adds volume. This style typically works great for longer hair, but short styles can also easily achieve this look.

Pulling only some of the hair back focuses some attention on the face while highlighting beautifully styled hair with what’s left down. Because longer hair is common for this bridal hairstyle, it pairs well with a wedding dress with a lower neckline or a less bedazzled neckline and bodice.

All Natural

All natural is one of the most popular and classic hairstyles a bride can choose. What exactly does “all natural” mean, though? If you have sleek hair that just won’t hold a curl or stay pinned back, leave it loose and flowing. If you have untamable curls, then leave them alone and let them spiral and bounce. A bride doesn’t have to do anything special with their hair to look beautiful on their wedding day.

Many people have hair types that are difficult to create the perfect hairstyles for them, but sometimes just letting natural hair go is easier and simpler, while still just as beautiful. Super curly hair is awesome (although a lot of work!) so take it easy on your wedding day and just let your hair be curly! Short hair is fun too, but hairstyles like ponytails and chignons don’t usually work with short hair. Let it go all natural!

Even with an all natural look, you can still spice things up with hair ornaments, like flowers or crowns. Leaving your natural hair doesn’t mean you can’t be elegant. Many wedding dresses complement all sorts of hair types very well. What matters is that you are happy on your wedding day. Every bride looks beautiful no matter which hairstyle they choose, so have fun!

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