Top 5 Career Opportunities After Completing Beauty School

Do you need help with learning about the various career opportunities once you finish beauty school? Well then you are in luck! You can read about them here!

The last two years were uncertain for many industries. Despite this, global spending in the beauty industry was almost $500 million.

It’s estimated to reach over $700 million by 2025. A yearly growth rate of 4.75%.

These trends are also reflected in America’s beauty industry. The employment growth rate for cosmetologists, barbers, and hairstylists for the next decade will be 19 %.

This is faster than the average for any other occupation. During this period, there will be over 85,000 openings for these careers.

But these are not the only jobs in the industry available to you. Graduating from beauty school will provide you with extensive career opportunities. Read on to find out the top five careers you should look into.

1. Makeup Artist

Many industries need the skills of a makeup artist. Beauty school will provide you with technical knowledge of makeup application. This will allow you to work at major events, photo shoots, and weddings.

You’ll have the option of working at a spa or salon, or photography or acting studio. These options can provide you with potential earnings ranging from $24 to $43 an hour. This will depend on the job and state you live in.

2. Esthetician

Do you want to do something you love, while making people look their best? Then consider becoming an esthetician. This career allows you to put your skin care skills to work.

You’ll be able to provide a range of body care services. These include waxing, facials, and full-body treatments.

You can work on your own or at a medical or day spa, or a dermatology clinic. This will allow you to earn from $33 to $75 an hour.

3. Hairstylist

This is a career in high demand, making hair styling courses popular at beauty schools. You’ll learn to cut, color, style hair and so much more at a beauty school salon. This will give you the expertise you need to make a name for yourself in the industry.

You can go out on your own or work at a salon. Depending on what you decide, your earning potential can start as low as $8 an hour or as high as $35 an hour.

4. Nail Technician

The average American will get a manicure between one to four times a month. This explains why the nail salon industry is worth over $8 billion. You can become a part of it as a nail technician.

Services include acrylic and UV gel overlays, nail design, pedicures and so much more. You’ll need to keep up with the trends in this fast-paced industry. But you’ll be well rewarded with the potential to earn as much as $50 an hour or more.

5. Event Stylist

What’s the great thing about being an event stylist? Every event will be different. If you enjoy being creative and setting new trends, this might be the career for you.

You can be the stylist at a fashion show, a wedding, or any event the client dreams up. You can work for an event company or on your own.

The key is getting established and building your reputation. Earnings can range from $17 to $37 an hour.

Propel Your Career with the Right Beauty School

How much is beauty school? The fees at accredited schools range from $5,000 to $40,000.

When you learn about cosmetology, it opens up a world of possibilities. It’s an investment that will pay for itself when you choose one of the top careers in the industry.

This article has given you a head start. Now it’s time to choose a school that will propel you on your beauty career path.

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