When I started out as a new artist, I had a 3 ½ foot tall case FILLED with product! I definitely didn’t discriminate either. I had everything from drug store brands like Milani, to pro brands like Make Up For Ever. 

Once I started paying attention to my application habits, I quickly realized I used the same three lip liners on everyone in every bridal party I did makeup for and that the glitter explosion in my kit was actually avoidable because not a single bride asked me to use glitter since I bought it.

With that said, I am currently more selective with products, especially since I only carry a large set bag as my kit. I like what I like and there are certain kit items I literally CANNOT live without.

  1. Eve Pearl’s Finger Palette

Pro mixing palette.jpg

When I’m working on intense liner looks or spot treatment, it is so amazing to be able to gently hold the face of the client while having my product in close proximity so I can dip back and forth for detailed applications. Moving from a foundation set on the table near me all the way over to the client’s face to apply is much too complicated! Product on the palette in one hand and brush in the other: THE BEST combo for efficiency! 


  1. Esum Pro Makeup BagEsum Pro Makeup Kit.jpg

Every bag I’ve ever used as a set bag has fallen apart, mostly because I over stuffed them! But really, this ESUM bag is EVERYTHING! It is a sturdy, rigid case with a fabric covering. The compartments for organization inside are detachable and made of high quality fabric and hard plastic, making them very durable and capable of protecting your product inside from getting banged up or broken when in transport. It’s large enough to store large palettes, my airbrush machine, bottles of skin care and sanitation items, and all I need for my clients! Not to mention, the detachable shoulder strap is great because I can hook my brush rolls on it!


  1. Make Up For Ever Sens’Eyes

Sens Eyes.png

This stuff will take off anything, including Benefit’s “They’re Real“ Mascara which has its own remover because it is like shellac! The mini bottle is only $10 and lasts for approximately 6 months. All you need is a little dab on a Q-tip to get the wing of your eyeliner sharp or a few squirts on a cotton pad to take off black Inglot Gel Eyeliner (see more on this gem below). As a contact wearer myself, I am always on the hunt for products for my clients with sensitive eyes or contacts that will be a non-irritant. Sens’Eyes is just that. It is fragrance free, leaves no residue and is mostly made of water – ironically enough. This will be the best $10 you ever spend for your professional kit!


  1. Inglot Gel EyelinerInglot Black Liner.jpg

I was first introduced to Inglot at The Makeup Show years ago. To be honest, at the time, I bought it for two reasons: 1. It was affordable ($11) and 2. It was the darkest black liner I had seen. Little did I know this pot of ebony would become my kit staple for eyeliner! Texture is a big deal for me. This liner is like a cream-eyeshadow at first, then it dries matte (who wants shiny eyeliner unless it’s glitter??) and doesn’t flake! It goes on perfectly smooth and is impossible to remove (without Sens’Eyes of course). I would definitely attribute this liner’s effectiveness to the fact that Inglot manufactures their own product. They did this one RIGHT! (And it comes in other colors too!)


  1. Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler 

Shu Uemura.jpg

Have you ever clamped down on an eyelash curler where you felt like you used all your might and the lashes were sitting there saying “yeah right” to you when you were done? You may have thought to yourself, “stubborn lashes”, but the reality is a good lash curler does the trick every time. Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curlers have a unique curved shape to fit all eye shapes. This curler will get even the straightest Asian lashes to bend and curl. Clients think it’s miraculous and usually want to know where they can buy them to use at home.  

If you are a Pro, MMA Student, or MMA Grad, you can purchase any of these items with a 20% discount. If you need assistance, please contact our concierge desk at: 248-792-6568 ext. 4.

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