Trades Over University

The transition between high school and college can be a tough one. The headache of standardized tests, incompetent advisers, and application fees can be draining. Fortunately, if this is too overwhelming, trade schools can be an alternative option and produce equally, if not more successful careers.

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One of the greatest differences between college and trade schools is the time they take to complete. Undergrad degrees take 4-5 years and if you choose to receive a higher degree, it will take even longer. Trade school usually lasts up to 2 years, allowing you to begin a career much faster.

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One of the most common reasons people choose the college of trade schools is because of the misconception that a college degree will result in more money. This is not always the case. For example, most teaching jobs begin at $35,000 a year and include wage increases that are time-dependent. Trades allow for direct control over your wages, which depends on a variety of factors, including skills and networking abilities.

The industry as a whole is also growing. There are more people working, more jobs, and more money out there than ever before. You can read more on our main site with links to our research for how you can make money as a makeup artist.


Trade schools are often smaller and allow for more direct instruction. Colleges can have classes of a hundred people at times, which can be less conducive to learning. This also allows students to build relationships with each other. Additionally, students at trade schools tend to be more passionate about what they are studying, so the prospects of connecting with like-minded individuals are stronger.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard expressions about the poor teaching and curriculum in college today. In a study, it claimed only 44% of college students felt prepared for their careers after graduation. Also, an article on PBS explained how traditional lecture-style methods of teaching are not as effective as active methods, which are more in-depth and involved. Because of the nature of trade jobs, the teaching is more skill centered and studies show that trade students have high success rates.

Greater Ease

As the saying about college goes, half of the work is just an organization. Universities are huge operations with multiple departments and employees. This leads to a lot of confusion when trying to enroll, transfer, register for classes, apply for major standing, etc. Fortunately, trade schools do not operate this way because they are much smaller and more efficient.

As you can see, trade schools can be extremely beneficial sources of education. Whether you choose a university or trade school, you can now be more informed in your decision.

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