What Makeup Styles are Trending in 2020?

The year 2020 is seeing a rebirth of makeup trends. And understandably so, as we are entering a new decade. The new makeup trends play with the contrast of the natural and unusual to create fun and modern looks to begin the new year.



Skin makeup for 2020 is exceedingly natural compared to previous trends. Say goodbye to high coverage foundation, blinding highlight, and reconstructive contour. Instead, runways and advertisements show high favor of natural skin with a dewy finish.

Highlight is still running strong, but instead of a sparkly “Instagram” style, the focus ranges from a natural glow to a wet, just out of the shower look. To achieve this, try spot concealing or apply a low coverage foundation. To finish it off, set the look with a dewy finish setting spray. To push the look further, add gloss or a non sparkly highlighter before setting.



Although sparkle is no longer present in highlighter, the eyes can make up for it! 2020 is all about the eyes. Glitter as a whole is making a comeback, but for a more wearable look the eyes are the best point of application.

Sparkle has also been incorporated in a separate way, by the use of sequins or crystals placed under the eyes or on either corner. This is usually paired with a matte shadow.

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Bold eyeliner is another trend that has caught fire, with some of the more avant garde versions resembling linework in children’s art. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is favor of precise or geometric patterns.

Other eyeliner trends include long, thin wings. Black is classic, but this year you may want to try some more adventurous colors. This look can be executed with a variety of products, such as gels, pencils, and pens. Use what you’re most comfortable with.

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The bright color trend is not limited to eyeliner, however, and is present in various eye-shadow looks. Really, it seems like anything goes with color this year. Current trends range from pastels to neons to darks–you name it!

If this choice is too overwhelming, the Pantone Colors of the Year may prove a helpful source of inspiration. Shadow colors may be used alone, but another branch of this trend sees the use of two or more contrasting colors, often with one applied to the top lid and the other to the bottom.

A secondary way of execution shows one color on the brow bone or inner corner and another on the lid. Texture also includes diversity of choices, including mattes, satins, and glitters.

If you prefer darker or more mature looks, smokey eye-shadow in earth tones is another, albeit understated, trend to follow. Lastly, you can apply inconspicuous makeup to the eyes for a “no makeup” makeup look.

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Following suit, a huge lash trend for 2020 is big and bold. This was emphasized on Dior and Gucci runways and has a distinctly, 60’s vibe alla Twiggy. However, these trends differ from the previous, which often favored, thick, concentrated styles. These lashes have an emphasis on separation and may be achieved through heavy coats of mascara or false lashes.

Some runways even drew lashes on their models! If finessed tastefully, this can be a wearable, statement look. The other lash trend is entirely the opposite and is often paired with the bright shadow trend, in order to draw attention to the bold color.

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Eyebrow trends this year are varied, but it is safe to say that without a doubt, Instagram brows are passé. This year the trend is focused on natural, gelled brows. Some avant-garde runways did without them altogether, and bleached them away. 

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For the most part, lips are taking a back seat in 2020. Countless models donned simple chap-stick or clear gloss. Essentially, a reflection of the skin trends. However, the classic red lip was also present, as well as deep, almost black lipstick. These looks were paired with a smokey or understated eye. 


Although many of the looks this year are artistic, they have a charming “do it yourself” vibe that anyone can achieve. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin and embracing your natural beauty. At the same time, you can still have fun with color. Get creative and have a good time ringing in the new year with these fun looks!




















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