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More than ever makeup sanitation is extremely important. Which is why we have always found it so crucial to implement as a requirement at Multimedia Makeup Academy. Furthermore, clients need to feel at ease & confident that you as the professional are taking the proper precautions to ensure their safety.

Sanitation Conversation

Just when you think it cant get any better, it does! Multimedia Makeup Academy has a sister company called Sanitation Conversation. The training, Sanitation Standards is required when taking any of the following programs here at the academy: Core, Special FX, Media or Master Program. The online training is already included in the cost of any of the selected programs. Learn crucial information that will add value to your services when embarking on your makeup career.

Health Grade sanitation standards are more sought after than ever before. Having this certification could be a HUGE selling point for your client. When searching for a makeup artist it is important that they practice up to date sanitation standards. In other words, having a certificate to back your abilities in health grade sanitation is a must! Therefore, your client will appreciate your ability to keep bacteria & virus away from the application process. Also, prevent any clients coming back disputing the cleanliness. Reputation in this industry means something! Which is why you want to protect your image.

What To Expect

Sanitation Conversation focuses on providing makeup artists with science based health grade sanitation. Through researching and connecting with the most credible resources available. Also, this course is thorough, yet easy to understand and was designed with all learning styles in mind. Learn step by step how to implement new safety measures. We want you to focus on your clients safety. Sanitation Conversation will provide you the best sanitation practices in order to do so.

Through science and innovation, Sanitation Conversation can help protect your reputation and your clients. This is done through training and certifying you on how to improve your sanitation protocols and mitigate infectious diseases.

Through the online course you will take a visual/informative journey through each sanitation tactic. See step by step how to properly use every tool in your sanitation kit. Also, learn the proper & effective way to clean your tools that are used more than once. Receive helpful pdfs along the way to keep for reference.

If you want the same sanitation kit being used in the video, see below for more information on the bundle & what it includes! : )

Sanitation Conversation Online Training: 

Online Training Includes:

● Instant Login Credentials

● 1 Year Unlimited Access

● Step by Step Guide

● Resource Section

● Any device

● Anywhere, Anytime

● 1 Hour

Online Training Bundle Includes:

This includes the online training & a fully loaded Sanitation Kit:

1 Bag, 4oz Brush Shampoo, 8oz Hospital Grade Disinfectant (Lucas-Cide), 8oz 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 8oz Brush Cleaner, 8oz Hand Sanitizer, 200ct. Disposable Cotton Rounds, 200ct. Disposable Cosmetic Wedges, 200ct. Disposable Spatulas, 200ct. Disposable Cotton Buds, 200ct. Disposable Eyeliner Applicators, 200ct. Disposable Lip Applicators, 200ct. Disposable Mascara Applicators, 1 Stainless Steel Metal Cup, 1 Stainless Steel Pencil Sharpener, 200ct. Disposable Wax Paper Palette Sheets

For more information & pricing click here!

Certification Renewal & Reward

Once you complete the course your certification is valid for one year, and must be renewed annually. Also, As a symbol of commitment to the health and wellness of their clients a Sanitation Specialist certificate will be issued. Additionally you will also receive a prestige pin and digital badge. The artist or business will be added to the live Artist Directory database of distinguished artists. Furthermore, if you are an enrolled student at MMA the certification is already included in your tuition. This is a requirement for MMA students in order to graduate.

Being busy makeup artist or student makes it difficult to stay up to date with the latest sanitation discoveries. That’s why Sanitation Conversation does it for you! All you have to do is take the class! Every year when you renew you’re certification you will receive the most updated & relevant information. For example, now they have implemented a section just for COVID19 precautions. Demonstrating how to apply makeup during these circumstances to better try and protect you & your client. 

Zero Waste Box: TerraCycle

In addition, something NEW is taking place this year that goes along with our sanitation guidelines! Get ready, we are now going to provide a solution for not only our students but also local artists. MMA will be a “drop off location” for cosmetic packaging. Students will receive recycle bags in their sanitation kits. Once the bag is full it can be thrown into the Zero Waste Box that will be located in the academy. TerraCycle provides a Zero Waste Box solution that allows the collection of waste to be dispensed into the box. Once the box is full, it is sent back to TerraCycle to be recycled.

One of the best things about Sanitation Conversation is that it is available to anyone, you do NOT have to be a student to take it! Click here and get certified, don’t take chances when it comes to the safety of your client!

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