Why MMA Makeup Academy? What Past and Present Students Say about Their MMA Experience

At Multimedia Makeup Academy, we take pride in giving our students the very best makeup education we can. From basic principles to advanced and continuing education classes, we truly enjoy what we do. We host a variety of different events every month to provide additional training and networking opportunities to current and former students, as well as the general public.

If you have ever thought about becoming a Professional Makeup Artist, the faculty at MMA is ready to help you on your journey. Whether or not you are confident in your current makeup skills, MMA can help you grow and provide you with the training you need to succeed. Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist is a fun and rewarding career that offers flexibility and opportunities in a variety of industries. Read what some of our current and graduate students have to say about their decision to attend MMA.


“I attended MMA in January 2016. I have always had an interest in makeup, but never thought about it as a career until I saw that MMA was a school that only teaches makeup. Since my attendance, I have grown to love and appreciate makeup more. Being an MMA student has taught me so many things I never knew about makeup. The very informative staff has given me the confidence to become a Makeup Artist at a local Spa and the experience is great also. MMA has given me the opportunity to work behind the scenes at a Fashion Show doing makeup for the models all before even finishing the complete program. I feel like attending MMA was the best decision that I have made for myself, and I can’t wait to further education and career.”



“I have learned so much going to MMA and made many connections throughout my journey here. Through networking and connecting with the right people I have gotten some smaller jobs such as doing prom makeup. I was also scouted by the band “I See Stars” to do makeup for a video shoot. It was crazy being behind the scenes of a band I know very well and have seen many times. It was a great opportunity for the compensation, making more connections and having great work to add to my portfolio. I will be featured in the band’s video, and if they need help in the future, they will call me. I am so thankful for the skills that I have learned and the confidence the MMA staff has given me. I even get complimented quite often on my sanitation and color theory skills. It blows clients’ minds when they are not used to it!”



“My journey with MMA began with answering a simple call for models. It seemed like a fun way to help someone out and to spend the day. Plus, who wouldn’t love a free makeover? The first time I walked into MMA, I knew it was something special. The students and the teachers were genuinely excited about the art of makeup and extremely pleasant. I vowed that I would one day attend. I finally attended my first MMA class in June of 2015. I learned so much from the class and made valuable connections that I maintain to this day.


“I learned so much from the class and made valuable connections that I maintain to this day.”  Katie Von Pagels, MMA Graduate

Because of the skills MMA taught me and the connections I made, I worked as a makeup artist at the WALK Fashion Show in Detroit. WALK is a huge, national event that started in Detroit and has since gone on to other places such as Atlanta, L.A., and New York. To be a part of it was such an honor and an amazing learning experience. It would not have happened without my training and connections through MMA.

It is an amazing school, and I’m honored to be a part of it. I look forward to building my own business and carving out my own brand as a makeup artist, and I know MMA will be a huge asset to me as I move forward doing that.”

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