Your Best Work: Megan’s Traumatic Trauma Work

Multimedia Makeup Academy would like to introduce their new YouTube series: Your Best Work. In this series, MMA will highlight the best work of its Alumni, Students, and Instructors! With host Matt Klink, Multimedia Makeup Academy would like to provide a first-hand look at where you can find yourself as a future student.

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Your Best Work: Megan Walker’s Bridal Work

In our inaugural episode, MMA is happy to welcome back Megan Walker. Megan graduated in 2017 and has been featured in countless social media content, blogs, and a guest on other MMA features.

Megan has been working with Caidy Marie Beauty since graduating from MMA as a makeup artist and esthetician.

Below is the transcript of our first episode and Megan’s experiences doing Trauma work for a film. Learn how she used everything she’s been taught to create another masterpiece and all of the hard lessons that presented themselves!

If you want to read the transcript from her first work, check it out HERE!


Matt [00:09:11] So let’s talk about number two here. I’m going to say our special effects makeup.

Megan [00:09:22] Trauma

Matt [00:09:25] Again the professional. Give us a little background on I guess the job.

Megan [00:09:36] OK. So this is for a film a feature film called Scapegoat. We finished wrapping this up. This was actually for a particular scene that was filmed on St. Patrick’s Day. And this this man was clearly very ‘traumatized’.


Matt [00:10:03] Yeah something’s happened!

Megan [00:10:04] This was a car accident. To work on this was something very special to me because I was in a car accident very similar to the one this character suffered through.

Megan [00:10:21] It was it was very ‘full circle’. And this work means a lot to me for a number of different reasons. When thinking about the actual job I did use a ton of techniques. Everything I learned at MMA I put into this piece. I used a wax build up, I used alcohol activated makeup, and all things that I would have never known about had I not come to Multimedia Makeup Academy.

Matt [00:10:46] You know we love this work and I know for me it definitely stood out. And if you would asked me: “What do you think happened here?” Car it would have definitely been in the top five.

 [00:11:06]  I want to help build up who’s coming up next and lessons maybe or obstacles you run into her lessons you learned from this work so that we can give everybody that’s coming in to this world, a better idea of maybe maybe not what to expect from every turn but maybe some potential obstacles that you could run into.

 [00:11:27] Oh yeah. A lot of experience in this but especially with this piece in particular. Like I said we were filming on St. Patrick’s day. My call time was 7pm. We were filming throughout the entire duration of the night. We didn’t wrap until 2:00am. So it was nighttime. It was very very cold. We were in the middle of the woods.

Matt [00:11:51] It’s probably perfect conditions for doing makeup I’m assuming perfect.

Megan [00:11:55] Absolutely ideal.

Matt [00:11:56] Hashtag sarcasm.

Megan [00:11:58] Hashtag irony.

Megan [00:12:00] So it was very very cold.  I think it was roughly 40 degrees. There was no fancy trailer. There was no warm setting to get ready and all of my products frosted over. We’re in the middle of the woods.

Matt [00:12:17] What are you gonna do?

Megan [00:12:17] Right! So I definitely have no idea. Yeah. So we tried to stay warm in the car warming up our hands like near the heater, but I was working with wax in this particular piece  so I couldn’t wear gloves.

Megan [00:12:34] My hands were so frozen that I could barely Mold the wax.

Megan [00:12:37] The wax was cracking because it was so cold. There were just so many different obstacles to kind of overcome for this piece and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You’ve got to roll with the punches. You’ve got to roll with the tide and just keep on moving to the best you can with what you’ve got. And that’s exactly what we did. And now it’s showcased as one of my best works so its a testament to never giving up and finishing what you started.

Matt [00:13:02] And you know the best part about this too is you know you you are in it you know like you’re the one who’s putting all this work together and I’m pointing at a picture that nobody else can see. But yeah. I mean isn’t that how that’s life now is. Now it’s not only a rewarding experience for you, but you look back at it…And when I ask you “what’s your best work”, This is what comes to mind even though you had all those those those troubles. I think it’s good for everyone just to know going in that this this is this is the dream job but you’ve still got to keep plugging away. You’ve got to keep working. And I love that aspect to your story.

Matt [00:13:38] Thank you for telling those two awesome stories and sharing your best work with the world!

 [00:15:18] I had a great time. Thank you for having me!

Megan has another piece she’d like to show everyone and you can check it out on our YouTube page now and head to our last Blog to check it out!

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