Top 5 Gray Hair Styles That Will Inspire You!

I know what you’re thinking: No, gray hair isn’t only for older people. In fact, gray can be such a versatile color when it comes to hair styles. Gray hairstyles on younger people aren’t very common, but they’ve recently risen in popularity. Trying out a gray hair style is a perfect way to mix up your typical look or stand out from others. Here are the top 5 gray hairstyles that are currently trending that you definitely need to try out!

Straight, Silvery Gray


Just like any other typical hair color, gray can come in many different shades. A light, silvery gray hairstyle is shiny and attention grabbing. Since it’s a lighter shade, it looks and feels fresh and bright, giving off fun and happy vibes. For this specific shade, a straight hairstyle works well because it’s a more subtle look, which pairs well with the attention grabbing shade of gray. Straight hair is also sleek, meaning it already has some shine without the added gleam of a silver gray. If you’re looking for an elegant yet light and refreshing gray hairstyle, then straight, silvery gray hair is a perfect look for you.

To get silver hair, you’ll have to bleach your hair to a very light shade in order to get the best shine with your silver. Bleaching your hair can be damaging, especially if your natural hair is dark. If you choose to bleach your hair on your journey to get a silver gray, make sure you take time to let your hair recover after the bleaching process.

Icy Blue Gray

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If fresh and bright isn’t quite the hairstyle you’re looking for, then we’ve got the opposite look for you: cool and icy. While gray can be a lighter color, adding in a secondary dye color can help darken its shade or change the vibes of the hair color. Blue undertones in a gray hairstyle give off an icy, chilled look. For an icy blue gray hairstyle, you could do subtle undertones of blue with gray on top. Pastel blue also works well with gray since they’re both lighter shades. There are a lot of different ways to achieve the perfect icy blue gray hairstyle, so experiment with colors or ask your hairstylist how to get the blue gray hairstyle you want.

Gray Undercut

Gray is such a diverse hair color that it even looks good on guys too. A popular hairstyle for men is an undercut. They’re super stylish and are easy to maintain. An undercut is when the sides of the head are shaved close to the scalp while hair on the top of the head is longer. Combine this popular cut with the trending hair color of gray, and you’ve got yourself one stylish hairstyle for men. It can be less common for guys to dye their hair, so a color like gray can be attention grabbing and bold. Since guys also tend to have darker facial hair, the lighter shade of gray contrasts really nicely with their facial hair. While this style is popular and common for men, it’s absolutely a hairstyle that women can rock, too, as short hair on women is a trending hairstyle.

Multi-Toned Gray Layers

A popular hairstyle for women is layers, but that doesn’t have to mean layered hair. Layered color in hair is another great strategy to add depth and volume to hair. To spice things up a bit more, why not try multi-toned gray layers? This means instead of dying your hair completely one color, you would choose several different shades of gray and silver. Many cosmetologists love working with clients who want a hairstyle like this because the results are always super fun and beautiful. And, if the layered color still isn’t enough, then layer the color and your hair! You’ll surely shine showing off different shades of gray through all the layers.

Gray Locs

The last top gray hairstyle we’ll share with you is locs, which is a popular and common hairstyle for men and women of color. Black hair is often thick and curly, so it “locks” into a specific shape or pattern. Locs can be natural hair, wigs, or weaves. Gray locs are such a cute style because locs can be styled in different types of braids and styled up or down. There is a lot of flexibility and styles that can be achieved with gray locs.

Naturally curly and thick hair already requires quite a bit of maintenance on its own, so dying it can add more work to your hair care routine. If you want to dye your locs, make sure you know how to properly take care of hair dye in super curly, thick, or locked hair. You can check out this super informative guide on the best practices for dying locs. Gray hair is still pretty uncommon, but many more people are trying these fresh, bright, and even icy gray hairstyles. In cosmetology school, hairstylists are trained to work with many different types of hair dyes and colors. If you meet with your hairstylist and ask for a fun and fresh gray hairstyle, you’re guaranteed a trendy yet unique hairstyle.

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